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RE: Plateosauravus citation?

> According to
> it looks like this genus was resurrected in
>       P. M. Galton, J. Van Heerden, and A. M. Yates.
>       2005. Postcranial anatomy of referred specimens of
> the
>       sauropodomorph dinosaur Melanorosaurus from the
> Upper
>       Triassic of South Africa. In K. Carpenter & V.
> Tidwell
>       (eds.), Thunder-Lizards: The Sauropodomorph
> Dinosaurs.
>       Indiana University Press, Bloomington 1-37

You might also try:

Yates, A.M. (2003). A new species of the primitive
dinosaur Thecodontosaurus (Saurischia:
Sauropodomorpha) and its implications for the
systematics of early dinosaurs. Journal of Systematic
Palaeontology 1(1):1-42

Yates, A.M., and Kitching, J.W. (2003). The earliest
known sauropod dinosaur and the first steps towards
sauropod locomotion. Proceedings of the Royal Society
of London B 270(1525):1753-1758.

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