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Re: Ivan the (terribly treated) T. rex

--- MKIRKALDY@aol.com wrote:

> In a message dated 5/11/2007 1:42:13 P.M. Eastern
> Daylight Time,  
> tholtz@geol.umd.edu writes:
> << According to a news article 
> (http://www.kansas.com/212/story/64522.html), 
> a team of paleontologists from the  University of
> Maryland will also work on 
> Ivan.>>
> < If by "team" they mean "me", and by "work on" they
> mean "plans to go  out 
> there sometime and look at the specimen", then the
> article is  accurate...>
> The article and the description on their website
> have several other  
> vagaries.  At 60% complete, which bones are real and
> which are  reconstructed?  Phil 
> Currie's quotes are casual speculation salt and 
> peppered through the article.

Well, based on the photos at their website I can say
the skull certainly isn't reall. Its a cast of the
Bucky skull from the Indianapolis Children's Museum,
itself just a fabrication based on modified parts of
the BHI's Duffy skull.

Christopher Collinson

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