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Re: Maniraptor arms?

just a thought -- would there be any difference in the sockets, to tell the difference between alternating and paired limb movement? ie,
* right rear leg & left fore leg....left rear leg & right fore leg...repeat

* right rear leg & right fore leg....left rear leg & left fore leg....repeat

*right fore leg & left fore leg....left rear leg & right rear leg...repeat

There could be signals there, but we probably shouldn't get our hopes up to high: joint structure probably has more to do with support and range of motion than it does motion timing. Thus, the same joint surfaces could probably lead to all of the kinematics you described above, depending on when the limbs moved. If synchronous and asynchronous limb kinematics differ in their ranges of motion, or direction of motion, then the joint surfaces might carry a kinematic signal. Otherwise, I find it doubtful.


--Mike H.