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Re: Aeolosaurus colhuehuapensis n sp

Mike Keesey wrote:

A new species without a new genus? =o Is that allowed in dinosaur systematics? ;)

Don't worry. A few years from now someone will erect a new genus for _A. colhuehuapensis_. :-)

Something else that's weird: the taxon "Aeolosaurini". This was apparently erected by Franco-Rosas et al. (2004) for a stem-based clade that was defined to include _Aeolosaurus_ and _Gondwanatitan_. But AFAIK, there is no Aeolosauridae or Aeolosaurinae. There may be a need for Aeolosauridae, given (a) the demise of Titanosauridae as a phylogenetic taxon; and (b) there is good evidence that _Aeolosaurus_ and _Gondwanatitan_ (and maybe a few other taxa) form a clade of titanosaurs outside of Saltasauridae.



Also unusual--the abstract is in Portuguese and English, but the body
of the paper is in Spanish.

Mike Keesey

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