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Re: The Dinosaur Renaissance

Danvarner@aol.com wrote:

John, I would suggest that you add a photo of John Ostrom.

Indeed -- what I really would have liked is a photo of John Ostrom with a /Deinonychus/ at the head of the article. Unfortunately, I can't locate an image that is either public domain, or GFDL licensed, which is pretty much required for the Wikipedia these days.

If anyone out there in dinosaur land knows where I can get a photo of the great man, I'd be very grateful. (If you happened to snap a decent shot of Ostrum at a conference, and would be willing to release it under the GFDL, that'd do.)

Also, although I may have missed it, I noted no mention that Bakker was Ostrom's student at Yale. DV

Yes, you're right, that should be in there.


P.S. I recently betrayed the Dinosaur Renaissance: