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Re: Aeolosaurus colhuehuapensis n sp

On 5/14/07, Mike Taylor <mike@indexdata.com> wrote:

But that would be no reason to go making paraphyletic genera down at the level of Aeolosaurus. In fact, I find it impossible to think what the authors possibly mean by referring the new species to that genus _except that_ it is more closely related to the type genus than to any other named genus or species. Really, what other conviction could induce someone to raise a new species within an existing genus?

Good point--_Aeolosaurus_ may not be the best example of what I was saying. (_Thecodontosaurus_ might be a better example. _Chasmosaurus_ might be even better.)

(My radical solution to the binomial problem: leave genera alone and
abolish species instead.  Bam, done.)

Tempting.... -- Mike Keesey