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RE: Paul on Scientific Illustration

Hi All! -

>Could it be "Dinosaurs Past and Present: Volumes I and
>II", Edited by Sylvia J. Czerkas and Everett C. Olsen,
>published in 1987?  Greg Paul's chapter was entitled,
>"The Science and Art of Restoring the Life Appearance
>of Dinosaurs and Their Relatives: A Rigorous How-To

     I'm fairly certain this one wasn't it -- the book was a very large, thick 
tome dedicated exclusively to scientific illustration -- it had chapters on the 
proper drawing of insects, birds, etc., all by different authors (I think).  I 
have a vague memory that the cover was dark green (with all sorts of other 
pictures overprinted on it).  I also vaguely recall that Greg's chapter was 
pretty lengthy, although I don't recall looking at it for long.  Sorry for the 
confusion...if anyone else knows of this, I'm still eager to track it down (no, 
it's not for me -- I couldn't draw my way out of a paper bag...heck, even my 
stick figures look like Quasimodo!). 
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