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I'm a bit curious about sauropods (always was). I have a few questions.

1. Everyone knows what kind of horror we went through when we saw the Bruhathkayosaurus diagrams. They are PATHETIC, and it's pretty difficult to determine much stuff from them. I was wondering if anyone knows when newer, and hopfeully better papers, are published. I'm asking because Bruhathkayosaurus is a very interesting titanosaurid, exceeding 150 tons in nearly all calculations.

2. I'm sure that 'Ultrasauros' can never be forgotten. Of course, in the end it was a large Brachiosaurus and Supersaurus. I was wondering how big these two specimens were estimated to be.

3. Both Amphicoelias fragillmus and Bruhathkayosaurus have recieved huge figures of weight in most publications. The newest paper by Ken Carpenter put the former at something like 135 tons (US tons that is), and Bruhathkayosaurus is SUPPOSED to have been even larger. Is it possible for these creatures to actuallly be that big? What is the theoretical limit for the mass of a land animal?

Thanks a lot.


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