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Re: Cope's Rule in the Pterosauria - Hone & Benton 2007

Quoting Tim Williams <twilliams_alpha@hotmail.com>:

Michael Habib wrote:

True. Furthermore, I am personally a bit perplexed how pervasive the "competitive exclusion by other flying vertebrates" concept is.

Yes. I tend to think that the ecological niches of birds and pterosaurs did overlap in the Cretaceous, and maybe even earlier. There may even have been some stiff competition between the two, though it may not have been a general rule. Insect-eating micro-bats and caprimulgiforms (frogmouths &c) co-exist in today's world.

Not to mention two (outwardly) very similar-looking insect-eating groups, the swifts and swallows.

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