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Pterosaur origins again

Dear All,
In reply to the various responses to yesterdays (May 17) post regarding 
pterosaur origins.
I would agree that, at present, published accounts of attempts to discover the 
relationships of pterosaurs to other diapsids are not entirely satisfactory 
primarily because, for various reasons, they do not include all relevant taxa. 
Dave Hone made a very creditable attempt to address this issue in his PhD 
thesis (completed 2005), the first fruits of which are on display in the Hone 
and Benton paper on pterosaur origins. Having waded through Dave's thesis I can 
state that this is (very) far from all that Dave has to say on the subject 
(hence the accidental reference to the 'supermatrix' in the Hone and Benton 
paper) and as I understand it more will be published err long. I don't think 
I'm letting any cats out of the bag by mentioning that in future papers Dave 
will continue to conclude in favour of a home for pterosaurs among the 
ornithodirans. Doubtless this will not be the last word on the subject, but I 
predict that until one or more pterosaur-like beasties are found (and
  whichever perspective, cladistic or otherwise, one cares to take, 
Scleromochlus and Sharovipteryx don't really fit the bill, or should that be 
'have a bill to fit'?) a general concensus on pterosaur origins will remain 
elusive. So, while we wait for something to turn up, lets get back to the 
cricket. England are on 457 for 5, as I write (no Colin, I'm not making it up), 
and Blowers is chuntering on about trains at Paddington station. Bliss.
The Omnipotent One