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re: Pterosaur origins again, Hone and Benton 2007

1. And your mention of a -supermatrix- that brings pterosaurs in line with Ornithodires sounds great! As long as squamates of some genus or another are included and we can dismiss that possibility once and for all. We're all looking forward to a head-to-toe account of character parsimony that exceeds all prior efforts. Does that also mean pterosaurs are also digitigrade occasional bipeds? -- joining digitigrade bipedal basal crocs and dinos? If so, isn't that a configuration problem? Also nice to know those tiny lateral fingers and toes will somehow become hypertrophied.

that'd be...irony, right?

people used to think birds evolved from crocs....and now we may be on the verge of confirming that the croc family gave rise to pterosaurs?


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