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Pterosaur origins over and out

Dear All,
As the current debate on pterosaur origins doesn't appear to be getting 
anywhere fast I'll sign off on this one with the following thoughts. There are 
more papers to come on this topic, but its pointless speculating about what 
might or might not be in them before they are published. There will be plenty 
of opportunity to dicuss them once they are out. Nick Gardner very kindly 
reminded me that Momchil Atanassov described a couple of putative 
pterosaur-like basal archosaurs in his dissertation (2002). I have only seen 
the abstract (http://wwwlib.umi.com/dissertations/fullcit/3056100 
<http://wwwlib.umi.com/dissertations/fullcit/3056100> ) so I can't really 
comment on this but, who knows, maybe they will prove to be the missing 
beasties that finally start to resolve this problem. The important thing is 
that England finished the day on 553 for 5. Whoo Hoo! The Windies are really on 
the ropes now!
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