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Re: Pterosaur origins

This seems to be a very good paper, btw.  It's basically the Theropod
Working Group analysis with 22 added taxa and 129 added characters.
Looks to test many hypotheses such as Maryanska et al.'s (2002) and
Mayr et al.'s (2005).

*Juravenator* was published too late to be included, right?

Another interesting part is finding Chirostenotes, Hagryphus and Elmisaurus
as oviraptorids, while Caenagnathus is more basal. Of course the
undescribed Triebold taxon seems to falsify the hypothesis Chirostenotes
and Caenagnathus aren't the same kind of animal.

What are the chances that the Triebold oviraptorosaur will be described?