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Re: Zallinger Murals

On 5/20/07, Danvarner@aol.com <Danvarner@aol.com> wrote:
Here's an interesting article  about Rudolf Zallinger's murals at Yale. You
have to give credit to the Peabody  Museum. A lot of institutions would have
removed anything out of date. I  understand that Charles R. Knight was initially
offered the project, but the  Peabody couldn't meet his price so they did it
"in-house" with Zallinger. I wish  I had a nickel for every leaf Zallinger
painted. DV

Another bit of trivia, something I noticed when I saw it in person for the first time last summer: When reproduced in books, the mural is generally shown with time proceeding from left to right, with the Paleozoic to the left and the Cretaceous to the right. However, this is flipped: in the actual mural, time proceeds from right to left.

Mike Keesey