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Re: Zallinger Murals

In a message dated 5/20/2007 2:11:16 PM Eastern Daylight Time,  
keesey@gmail.com writes:
<< I would have thought it was because most  diagrams/illustrations/grids
show time going left to right. However (as David  Marjanovic pointed
out), at the Peabody you enter the room at the right edge  of the
mural, so the usual direction was reversed. (Or did he do the  mock-up
in the usual direction before seeing the space, and then flip it  when
he executed it?) >>

Very confusing. Life magazine flipped it. The  original mock-up or cartoon 
(as it is called by muralists) runs right to left  time-wise. In order to make 
sense in a magazine with fold-out illustrations, it  was flipped to run left to 
right in "The World We Live In". Zallinger's normal  signature was added 
later in the lower Carboniferous in the magazine's  reproduction. It's easy to 
tell the cartoon ( 209.6 cm X 30.8 cm or 82 1/2" X 12  1/8") from the full-size 
mural. The vegetation is much more developed and lush.  I wish we could obtain 
a hi-res image of the completed mural but I've heard that  the Apatosaurus 
skeleton there is in the way, so we have to settle for bits and  pieces of the 
final product..
Here's a nifty shot of  Zallinger and the mural when it was a monochrome 
underpainting. The color paint  was added later. I believe I'm correct in all 
this, but Mike Skrepnick would  probably be the authority here. DV


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