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Re: David Hone on the Cope's Rule paper

On 5/20/07, Tim Williams <twilliams_alpha@hotmail.com> wrote:

Without contradicting what David [Hone] said, I would point out that sauropods (the 'biggest of the big') do not appear to follow Cope's Rule. Quite the opposite, in fact. The most recent study (that of Carrano, 2005) demonstrated a trend of decreasing body size among Sauropoda in the later Cretaceous period. This was largely due to the proliferation to certain 'undersized' titanosaurs in the Late Cretaceous, especially the Saltasaurinae.

You certainly can say that without contradicting David Hone, since in an earlier paper he reached a similar conclusion: "Only the Cretaceous sauropods [among large dinosaurs] do not follow the trend, and these are characterized by their extreme variance of sizes" (Hone et al. 2005:594).

Hone, D. W. E., T. M. Keesey, D. Pisani & A. Purvis. 2005. Macroevolutionary
trends in the Dinosauria: Cope's rule. Journal of Evolutionary Biology

Mike Keesey