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RE: Zallinger Murals

In Zallinger's own words: "Because the entrance hall is at the south end -- near the right side of the mural -- and because of the time sequence in which the Peabody's fossils are arranged, the chronology of the subject matter moves from right to left rather than in the customary direction."

> Or did he do the mock-up in the usual direction before seeing the space, and then flip it when he executed it?

Even in an early sketch, which in composition is quite different from the final mural, the direction is the same.


At 03:47 AM 21/05/2007, you wrote:
One of my students  this semester in History of Paleontology
Illustration0 wrote his term paper on the murals.  He commented on the
fact that the time scale was "backward" as well.   It seems to me that
one might just as easily travel "forward" or "backward" in time.  I
suspect it has to do with the arrangement of space in the room, although
I don't know that for a fact.   Jane D.

Dr. Jane Davidson
Professor of History of Art

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On 5/20/07, Michael J. Balsai <vze3vhpv@verizon.net> wrote:
> I believe this may partly be because most books do not actually
> reproduce the actual mural, but Zallinger's mock-up that he made
> before doing the mural.

It'd have to be a pretty detailed mock-up, at least for some of the
ones I've seen. (Unfortunately I don't have any of those books handy
right now, so I can't check.)

I would have thought it was because most diagrams/illustrations/grids
show time going left to right. However (as David Marjanovic pointed
out), at the Peabody you enter the room at the right edge of the
mural, so the usual direction was reversed. (Or did he do the mock-up
in the usual direction before seeing the space, and then flip it when
he executed it?)

Mike Keesey

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