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Re: Zallinger Murals

Well, not directly linked to this topic but:

If we order to two paleoartists to make a scientific illustration
based on the same specimen and using the same simple technique - say
line drawing -, what is the chance that we get two very similar
figures? (I am thinking of legal issue due to copyrights in that
hypothetical  situation.)


Roberto Takata

On 5/20/07, Jane P Davidson <jdhexen@unr.edu> wrote:
One of my students  this semester in History of Paleontology
Illustration0 wrote his term paper on the murals.  He commented on the
fact that the time scale was "backward" as well.   It seems to me that
one might just as easily travel "forward" or "backward" in time.  I
suspect it has to do with the arrangement of space in the room, although
I don't know that for a fact.   Jane D.

Dr. Jane Davidson
Professor of History of Art