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Australodocus bohetii - new diplodocoid from... Africa

Remes, Kristian (2007) A second Gondwanan diplodocid dinosaur from the Upper Jurassic Tendaguru Beds of Tanzania, East Africa. Palaeontology 50: 653?667.

ABSTRACT: "A new genus and species of diplodocid sauropod (Sauropoda, Diplodocoidea), _Australodocus bohetii_, is described. The type material from the Upper Jurassic (Tithonian) Tendaguru Beds of Tanzania, East Africa, consists of two successive mid-cervical vertebrae. These vertebrae do not show the extreme elongation of the cervical vertebrae that is diagnostic for _Tornieria_, and, apart from proportional differences, exhibit four autapomorphic characters not seen in other diplodocids: (1) pleurocoel weakly developed; (2) ridge posterolateral to the anterior condyle strongly posteroventrally orientated; (3) triangular pneumatic cavity ventral to the prezygapophysis, enclosed by the lateral ramus of the centroprezygapophyseal lamina and an anteriorly extended prezygodiapophyseal lamina; and (4) prominent prezygapophyseal process pointed, laterally keeled and surpassing the prezygapophysis anteriorly. _Australodocus bohetii_ is the second diplodocid known from Tendaguru, and thereby the second diplodocid known from Gondwana. This impedes the customary reference of isolated East African diplodocid material to _Tornieria_, which can now only be assigned to Diplodocidae indet. The find supports previously proposed vicariance models of diplodocid palaeobiogeography."

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