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Re: Humor on the dinosaur-bird connection

Good, that's offficial then. I'm a glimate. At least, it will be official
once the next copy of the Dipwytch Parish Magazine runs hot of the
typewriting appliance.

Not quite. Wait till the PhyloCode is implemented (might be January 1st next year or the one after), and make sure the Dipwytch Parish Magazine fulfills Article 4 http://www.ohiou.edu/phylocode/art4-5.html (which I suppose will be hard work).

Oh, and it's implicitly required (Article 11.5 http://www.ohiou.edu/phylocode/art11.html) that you, or Elmer Fudd, "conserve" Bugs Bunny and yourself "in an institution or collection". It's not mentioned what that means, though. :^)