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Australodocus bohetii - new diplodocoid from... Africa

Tim Williams writes:
 > Remes, Kristian (2007) A second Gondwanan diplodocid dinosaur from
 > the Upper Jurassic Tendaguru Beds of Tanzania, East Africa.
 > Palaeontology 50: 653-667.

This is one of the best illustrated papers I have ever seen: both
cervicals photographed and drawn in left and right lateral, anterior,
posterior, dorsal and ventral aspects.  Beautiful.

It's getting pretty exciting in the Late Jurassic of Tanzania.
Remember that we already had the brachiosaurid _Brachiosaurus
brancai_, the probable titanosaurs _Janenschia_ and _Tendaguria_ and
the diplodocine _Tornieria_.  Add in the new diplodocine
_Australodocus_, and the putative new brachiosaurid that I spoke about
at SVPCA 2005, and we either have a collection of six neosauropods or
an epidemic of oversplitting :-)  (Clearly I favour the former.)

Now if only someone would dig up a Tendaguru camarasaurid (either from
the Tanzanian rock or, more likely, from the Berlin basement.)

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