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Re: Paleontological news (again)

<<However, please, consider that the spreading of information among common
people is the only way to keep paleontology alive.>>

Hi Fabio,
one problem could be that you placed a severe restriction on things by
specifying only April and May.  How many: "new discoveries, important
publications, etc" would you expect to occur within two months -one of which
hasn't yet ended?  You'd be lucky to get one, let alone five.  If
paleontology were kept that alive, it would be in severe danger of
collapsing from hyper-exhaustion.  Generally, things are ever so slightly
less manic.  In short, I'm not sure what your expectations were, other than
for unrealistic.

If you had allowed half a year, I would've happily ´let /Volaticotherium/
leap over in your direction; a spectacular, sexy and seriously beautiful
furry fossil from Inner Mongolia; a gliding mammal which took incredible
care of its fur coat and flight membrane.  Sadly, having waited patiently
for at least 130 million years -perhaps even 160 million- until being
announced to an appreciative audience, this occurred last December and
missed your time limits.

Introducing the (too early) /Volaticotherium/
The common people will never hear of it, as it wasn't announced during
either April or May.  Your restriction deprives them of its beauty.
Fortunately, my internet pages are available to them.