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Re: Pelvis

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From: "Caique Soares Mulatinho" <ephodes@gmail.com>
Sent: Tuesday, May 22, 2007 8:12 PM

infact... i agree with some of your ideas

but How can we compare when doing a clad , when we have diferent
ontogenetic stages betwin  them...

We must make sure that the characters we want to compare don't change with ontogeny. If they do, we must code them as unknown in juveniles or neotenous individuals (Wiens et al. 2005, Systematic Biology). Alternatively, we can make sure that we only compare adults.

hypotheses and hypotheses

I think we should be more realistic when writing about especulate philogeny.

why do we create so many lies on scientific papers?

guys lets wake up , before we fall from bed.

We don't speculate anymore, we make hypotheses and test them.

And what do you mean by "lies"?!?

By the way, there is no separate paper on pterosaur pelves, but of course all phylogenetic analyses of Pterosauria use characters from the pelvis as well as from the rest of the skeleton.