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Re: Yahoo! News Story - Feathers fly over key evidence in the rise of dino-birds - Yahoo! News

evelyn sobielski wrote:
WAS A. Not "is the". What is this, 1997? We have
internet these days, AFP. It's on frickin' Wikipedia
for Her Invisible Pinkness' sake (though not under _S.
prima_; somebody please point that article to

It seems you are still struggling with the hope that the mainstream media might develop something resembling an embryonic capacity to understand science, and be able to report accordingly. Unfortunately, that hope is growing slimmer each year.

For a top-shelf rant on the state of science eduction in the UK, see here (from the Nobel Laureate who discovered buckeyballs). Horribly familiar to a lot of us, I suspect.



P.S. Dave U. Rained off on the fifth day?  What's that?

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