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Re: Baldysaurus

I don't buy it (they are at it again, nothing new it seems)... no it is not bald David (and the fur is not restricted to a dorsal fin and above all it's NOT restricted to just one specimen of Sinosauropteryx)... difficult to accept the superficial comparison of fossilized ichthyosaur tissue ...

Gosh, even Beipiaosaurus has similar tissue around the arms... please find me a frog (or any other animal from the same formation) with "fur" and I'll believe it. The best is that we >do< have muscle impressions (Psittacosaurus) and they are nothing like it... why is Psittacosaurus not furry then?!

On 23 May 2007, at 12:25, Unwin, Dr D.M. wrote:

So, is Sinosauroptery really bald? You can read some soothing words on the Nature news webpages.

Toot toot


PS After four and a bit days play the cricket was rained off without a result. Surreal or what...

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