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Re: How the New Papers Was Won

Pereda Suberbiola, X., Ruiz-Omeñaca, J.I., Hernández, J.M., and Pujalte, V. 2006. Primera cita de un dinosaurio ornitópodo en el Cretácico Inferior (Berriasiense) del SO de la Cuenca Vasco-Cantábrica (Palencia, España). Revista de la Sociedad Geológica de España 19(3-4):219-231.

I've seen that the pdf of this paper is freely available from the web-site of the Journal, but the link is, apparently, wrong (the link is of >another non-dinosaurian paper)!There is someone that was able to download the pdf, and, naturally, that can send it to me, please?

D'OH!...I forgot to put the link in to where I found this paper -- sorry about that! Anyway, you can get this one at:


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