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Dear list members,

I've recently taken up responsibilities as the administrator of an on-line resource, DinoBase <http://dinobase.gly.bris.ac.uk> hosted at the Department of Earth Sciences, University of Bristol, UK.

DinoBase is basically an on-line encyclopedia of dinosaurs aimed mostly at children. Last month, we had an official launch complete with a media event and press release, but it unfortunately coincided with a tragic incident that dominated media coverage.

DinoBase has three features:
1. The database - obviously the core of DinoBase, this is an in-house developed relational database system that allows the user to search for information under different categories, such as general, genus, species, describer, and year of description. The search function will pick up partial keywords, so let's say you wanted to look up _Tyrannosaurus_, you only need to type in 'tyran' and DinoBase will display a list of close hits. The database also displays other information such as classification, size, location, diet, and a brief description.

2. The news - this feature is part of the Forum (below). Moderators will be posting any news related to dinosaurs including new descriptions/discoveries, scientific research, and general media coverage on dinosaurs.

3. The Forum - exactly as the name suggests, this is a public forum where visitors could leave comments, have discussions, or ask questions that will be answered by Bristol palaeontologists. This section also has some activity sheets for kids (part of the Bristol Dinosaur Project) that can be downloadable as pdfs.

If you have children enthusiastic about dinosaurs, or are curious yourselves, then please visit the site.

With regards,
Manabu Sakamoto
M. Sakamoto
Department of Earth Sciences,
University of Bristol,
Wills Memorial Building, Queen's Road,
Bristol BS8 1RJ, UK