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Re: Hone and Benton 2007 (their second paper)

However, in both cases, the vertical descent prior to reaching cruising speed is quite short. You can see it if you look for it, however. Like arboreal birds, a tree-dwelling pterosaur would not require a gravity assisted launch, but it saves energy if you happen to be at a high point already.

I agree, but suspect that most pterosaurs launched from ground level.

I, too, suspect that most pterosaurs launched from ground level. However, some of the smaller, relatively basal forms (ie. "rhamphorynchoid" grade) like anurognathids may have had opportunity to launch from trees regularly. Their size, planform, limb length, and habitat are all consistent with such a scenario. I don't particularly imagine most pterodactyloids launching from trees, especially large species (the reasons for which were well addressed in your previous post...ie. very tall trees with just two convenient branches for Q. northropi).


--Mike H.