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Spot the differences or picture plagiarism(?)

I have reason to review a lot of dinosaur books. I've often seen illustrations in books of lesser quality that seem to be "inspired" by the work of accomplished artists. In the example I've of put together: http://www.dinosaurcentral.com/pic_comparison/ an illustration by Luis Rey from "A Field Guide to Dinosaurs" seems to have been pretty much duplicated for another much lesser quality book. It has no artist credits but I'm pretty sure Luis had nothing to do this cheapie (in another pic, again very similar to one found in the Field Guide and obviously done by the same artist, Ornitholestes sports a nasal horn). In any regards this kind of thing does seem to happen quite a bit. I'm definitely not a copyright expert and I understand this must be legal but I can't see how this is not a form of plagiarism. Is this not the equivalent of taking a short story or a paper and moving a few sentences about? The newspaper industry certainly have a strict policies about this as this example: http://blog.fotolia.com/us/images/Visual%20Plagiarism_photo.jpg resulted in getting someone fired.

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