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RE: Anyone know what this is?

Graeme Worth

A friend asked me to post this link to a photo of what is supposedly from a Spinosaurus. Unfortunately there doesn't appear to be any size comparison available.
Any comments would be most welcome.

The first manual digit seems much too slender for a basal tetanurine, and the phalanges of digit II must be wrong as virtually all theropods have II-2 longer than II-1. Also, the concave proxomodorsal ungual surfaces are more like maniraptoriforms than more basal theropods. The short phalanx III-3 is like non-maniraptoriforms and oviraptorosaurs. Russell (1996) described large caenagnathid-like unguals from the Continental Intercaliare of Morocco. Perhaps this manus is from the same kind of theropod, or involves parts of it at least. Not that it's necessarily caenagnathid, with the short metacarpal I and massive metacarpal III.

Mickey Mortimer