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Sauropod papers


I was just wondering if anyone would please be able to send me PDFs or copies of
the following 3 papers:

Lü, J.-C., Xu, L., Jia, S.-H., Zhang, X.-L., and Ji, Q. 2006. Discovery of a
gigantic sauropod femur in Ruyang, Henan, China, and its stratigraphic
significance. Geological Bulletin of China 25(11):1299-1302.

Wu, W.-H., Dong, Z.-M., Sun, Y.-W., Li, C.-T., and Li, T. 2006. A New Sauropod
Dinosaur from the Cretaceous of Jiutai, Jilin, China. Global Geology 25(1):

A new camarasaurid from the Middle Jurassic, Xiashaximiao Formation in
Dashanpu, China (described in Peng, G.; Ye, Y.; Gao, Y.; Shu, C. & Jiang, S.
(2005): Jurassic Dinosaur Faunas in Zigong. Sichuan People's Publishing House,

Thanks very much,



Philip Mannion

PhD Researcher

Sauropodomorph dinosaur diversity & distribution

Department of Earth Sciences

University College London

Gower Street