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RE: Selection of universities

I would suggest Oxford.  Don't know what geology or Palaeo is like but it is
where it all started!

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Subject: Selection of universities

Dear members of the DML

Thanks to everyone who reacted on my previous e-mail, I have been able
to compose a preliminary list of universities I'm interested in.

Could you help me rate their paleontology (or geology) program and
perhaps provide a name to contact about their paleontology program?

Other items I want to take into consideration:
- Location: is the university located in a geological rich area? Are
there good "fossil opportunities" to help me in my studies?
- Climate: I prefer warmer regions.
- Undergraduate program: do they offer enough paleontology courses (if
it is a BS in geology)?
- Graduate program: I would prefer a university with a graduate
program in paleontology over one without it.
- Research: do they offer undergraduate research opportunities in
paleontology/geology or field work?
- Museums and good (university) libraries: are these sources available
in the vicinity?
- The department's paleontologist: do they have a paleontologist, is
he/she active and interested in working with undergraduate students?
- Size of classes: I prefer smaller classes with more attention from
the instructor and more personal contact with other students.

Michiel Pillet