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Re: Report Sez Volcanic Gases Killed The Dinosaurs

--- Tommy Tyrberg
<tommy.tyrberg@norrkoping.mail.telia.com> schrieb:

> If the Deccan traps date to the K-Pg boundary, then
> presumably the 
> dinosaurs in the intertrappean beds must be
> Paleocene? And if so it 
> does seem rather odd that the eruptions should have
> wiped out the 
> dinosaurs everywhere except in India.
> These abstracts:
> actually seems to indicate that most of the activity
> occurred 
> *before* the K/Pg boundary.

When exactly was chron 30N?

The main problem with this (or maybe just the press
release) is that we *did* have a certain bolide
impacting at a certain time, and that the Chicxculub
data makes it rather implausible that the impact did
*not* cause a mass extinction...


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