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Re: ...intriguing theory on WHAT REALLY KILLED THE DINOSAURS

I thought the velocity was in the neighborhood of 20 - 80 kilometers per
second, not thousands.
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Subject: Re: ...intriguing theory on WHAT REALLY KILLED THE DINOSAURS

> > http://www.brojon.org/frontpage/WHAT_REALLY_KILLED_THE_DINOSAURS.html
> Forget about it, the guy doesn't know what he's talking about (...and
> worse, he clearly doesn't know _that_ he doesn't know what he's talking
> about). For example, "the shift from gymnosperms to angiosperms" happened
> million years earlier than he claims. Also, cyclostratigraphy shows that
> Milankovic cycles (of the tilting of the Earth's axis and other stuff)
> started much longer ago... I know of terminal Permian evidence for
> Milankovic cycles...
> > Sorry but I have just got in from the pub, but surely the KT story is of
> > continental drift, massive volcanism and the KT impact.
> What continental drift? Nothing spectacular at all happened at that time.
> birth or death of an ocean, no first or last contact between continents,
> nothing.
> > There is no silver bullet.
> No, but there is _the bomb_.
> A few equations for you:
> volume of a sphere = (4*pi*r^3)/3
> r = 5 to 6 km
> mass = volume x density
> average density of rock... look it up
> kinetic energy = (m*v^2)/2 -- that's right, half the mass times _the
> of velocity_
> velocity of something that drops from the sky... thousands of km per
> Do the math, and then remember all that kinetic energy turns to heat upon
> impact.
> Kablooie.