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Re: Report Sez Volcanic Gases Killed The Dinosaurs

At 20:59 2007-11-04, David Marjanovic wrote:

I'd rather say that the current positions of the continents -- one continent at the South Pole, a ring of continents around the Arctic Ocean -- makes ice ages possible if the carbon dioxide level is low enough, which it is, thanks to (roughly) the Tibetan plateau being above the treeline. That's why only the most extreme interglacials (like the one 400,000 years ago) succeed in melting Greenland anymore; Greenland used to be ice-free well into the Mio- or probably Pliocene.

Almost certainly the Pliocene. The Kap Kobenhavn formation fossils shows that there was taiga in *northern* Greenland in the late Pliocene.

Tommy Tyrberg