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RE: Campanian (and other) _Baptornis_

Dan Varner wrote:

> Not so much large as more robust, I gather. It was just published this
> week, although I haven't seen the paper yet. Here's the pub:
> _http://rock.geosociety.org/Bookstore/default.asp?oID=0&catID=9&pID=SPE427_
> (http://rock.geosociety.org/Bookstore/default.asp?oID=0&catID=9&pID=SPE427)

Yes, the specific chapter is...

Martin, James E., and Cordes-Person, A. (2007).  A new species of the diving 
bird, _Baptornis_ (Ornithurae: Hesperornithiformes), from the lower Pierre 
Shale (Upper Cretaceous) of southwestern South Dakota.  In: Martin, J.E. and 
Parris, D.C. (Eds.) Geology and Paleontology of the Late Cretaceous Marine 
Deposits of the Dakotas: Geological Society of America, Special Paper 427.

... which I have not seen.  For example, I don't know the name of the new 

As Dan said, the new _Baptornis_ species is more robust than _B. advena_, but 
not necessarily longer.  This comes from...




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