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Re: Report Sez Volcanic Gases Killed The Dinosaurs

Was the climate fluctuating during this 100,000 year period? I think that the first ice age was before the end of the Cretaceous, whatever provoked it; though I think that the continents in their current position helped. If Deccan traps actually cooled off the oceans, they could have brought on a volcanic winter and helped trigger an ice age.

Since the beginning of the Cenozoic, ice ages have occurred several times within any hundred thousand year period. I think. I wouldn't mind seeing charts of when the ice ages were back to the one that was before the end of the Cretaceous; the longest time periods I can find charted are 400,000 years, which is kind of ridiculous if ice ages have occurred regularly over a 65 million year period. Their periodicity is more often than that, even without catastrophic episodes like Deccan Traps. But what we're actually learning causes the ice ages is that the current positions of the continents has rendered Earth's climate dangerously unstable, and ANYTHING can tip the balance.

Dora Smith
Austin, TX

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If it can assumed that the Deccan Traps and the Chicxulub impact
took place at approximately the same time,

Again: no, they did not. The main episode of eruptions was over 100,000 years before the impact, and smaller episodes happened long before and after.

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