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Re: Report Sez Volcanic Gases Killed The Dinosaurs

--- K and T Dykes <ktdykes@arcor.de> schrieb:

> <<I think that the first ice age was before the end
> of the Cretaceous,
> whatever provoked it; though I think that the
> continents in their current
> position helped. If Deccan traps actually cooled off
> the oceans, they could
> have brought on a volcanic winter and helped trigger
> an ice age.>>
> There's evidence of ice caps during the Silurian if
> that's any help, and
> that's before the end of the Cretaceous.
> Sadly or otherwise, there's no evidence of major ice
> caps during the
> Mesozoic,

There was IIRC a minor cool period around the J-K
boundary. Anything forcing towards "cool" at that time
*might* have caused something like a mini-ice age.
Perhaps some local glaciation in the Antarctic, or on
the highest parts of the Rockies,
Appalachian/Variscan, Uralian and Caledonian ranges,
but nothing much really; certainly no glacial period
like the Plio-Pleistocene one. by the late Cretaceous,
there was a pronounced warm period if the oxygen
isotope data is not mistaken.



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