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Re: Report Sez Volcanic Gases Killed The Dinosaurs

I recall a paper summarized in the Oil & Gas Journal
which placed an impact online to Chicxlub in the
Indian Ocean.  At that time, the Seychelles Islands
were adjacent to the west side of the Bombay High; the
two have since drifted apart.  As I recall, the impact
would have been at the area of rift inception, well to
the north and west of the Deccan.

This is from memory, and I don't have a reference.  If
anyone wishes to pursue it, the Oil & Gas Journal
(www.ogjonline.com) would be the place to start.

Glen Ledingham
--- Deinonychus47@aol.com wrote:

> If it can assumed that the Deccan Traps and the
> Chicxulub impact took  place 
> at approximately the same time, has anyone done a
> study of whether an  
> estimated angle of impact at the Yucatan site
> correlates in any way with an  opposite 
> side of the Earth (or in-line-with, based upon
> India's  location at the time) 
> focusing of the impact waves resulting in  the lava
> outpourings?
> If such a corrolation could be made, a lot of things
> could be  explained and 
> the effects of both disasters on the
> end-of-Cretaceous  extinction.
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