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Re: Report Sez Volcanic Gases Killed The Dinosaurs

> >>> 19th century.) Otherwise, once dust and gas got
> into the atmosphere, it 
> >>> was everywhere.

Not... quite. Eventually it will get eventually
everywhere. But global atmospheric circulation
probably was quite stable since the Jurassic; there is
little that changes it (The Rockies uplift barely
scratched it).

That means that not only were some latitudes and
regions less affected than others, but it should even
be rather predictable to say which these were, at
least for Chixculub. IONO if it's been done, but it
should be doable. The necessary impact angles are
needed though, as is at least an approximate estimate
of ejecta (and preferrably their compsition).

The Seychelles theory sounds intriguing.



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