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Re: Stem-"amphibian" question

On 11/6/07, Anthony Docimo <keenir@hotmail.com> wrote:
> This question involves stem...I think the word is "amphibians"  (non-fish 
> vertebrates, with
> or without limbs and at least one adaptation in their clade for moving about 
> on land;
> amniotic egg not required)

"Stem-tetrapod" might be the term you want. A stem-amphibian would be
something sharing more recent ancestry with crown amphibians (i.e.,
lissamphibians sensu lato) than with anything else (e.g., amniotes).
Stem-tetrapods include things like _Panderichthys_, _Tiktaalik_,
_Icthyostega_, etc. Stem-amphibians include things like _Diplocaulus_,
microsaurs, etc. (I think--seems to be a lot of difference of opinion
about stem-amphibians).

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