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Re: Stem-tetrapod question

Hi everyone. I hope everyone enjoyed the recent holidays.

What holidays? :-) Over here only the 1st of November was a holiday. Holidays vary a lot from one country to the next.

Are there any fossils of stem-tetrapods where the jaws appear rather weak and-or slow to react?

"Weak" and "slow to react" tend to be opposites. You can have jaws that shut very quickly, but aren't capable of sustaining a strong bite; or you can have jaws that can hold a strong bite, but aren't capable of shutting quickly. Various compromises abound.

As a rule of thumb, take a look at how much of the jaws is behind the eyes vs. how much is below or in front of them. The larger that ratio, the farther on the "quick and weak" side. Illustrations can be found here http://tolweb.org/Terrestrial_Vertebrates/14952. Real analyses would have to start with a reconstruction of the jaw muscles.