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What do you hate about dino-docs?


So its not exactly cladistics but I thought it would be just as fun to get some opinions about Dinosaur TV shows/Documentaries/Movies.
What is it that drives you crazy when you watch these things? Specifically, about the dinosaurs and their behavior and design. What has no one ever 'got right'.

I've been watching a whole bunch of these lately and here are some things I can't stand.

- Dinosaurs CONSTANTLY SCREAMING at each other. everytime you cut to a dinosaur it screeches hoots or growls like a bad actor has to announce his intentions.
- The obligatory " two dinosaurs screaming over a carcass" shot that goes on far too long.
-animation that takes the stiffness of dinosaur anatomy way to literally. This is animation. Remember "squash and stretch"? Or, on the flip side, the overly animated dinosaurs that look like rubber.
-The use of eyeballs in the advertising

  David Krentz