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New claw paper, was RE: Early Birds Lived on the Ground

OK, was holding off on posting a heads up to DML on the paper as there's the issue of the online Supp Data they've put online being an old draft rather than the final corrected editor's version. I've been assured this will be rectified ASAP. bit of a shame...

Meantime, I can email PDF of corrected Supp Info to those interested. Let me know if you have trouble accessing main article.

For those that already have downloaded the current Supp Data, there's several corrections required, namely:
1)Change 'Recent' to 'Holocene' throughout to match printed article.
2)Figure S1, important to methods, should be on p2.
3)In reformatting they've accidentally substituted the greek symbol 'gamma' for 'rho' in the 'testing for phyologenetic signal' as a statistical value. Gamma is used through out as 'claw angle, the primary measure of the study.
4) table S1 and Museum abbreviations list tidied up (minor issue).
...and various minor typos

Note, I did want to acknowledge more poeple, but the acknowledgements were to be included originally in the printed article (extremely short of space) and there wasn't an opportunity to expand it after the decision to move it to the online Supp. Data document. So for those who did help and give advice along the way - thanks, and my apologies.


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Quoting evelyn sobielski <koreke77@yahoo.de>:

--- Guy Leahy <xrciseguy@sbcglobal.net> schrieb:


Supplementary info for free:

_Caudipteryx sp._
"Dave" cf _Sinornithosaurus_
_Microraptor zhaoianus_ (2 specimens)
_Pedopenna daohugounsis_
_Archaeopteryx lithographica_ Eichstätt (_Jurapteryx
recurva"_) & London
_Jeholornis prima_
_Sapeornis chaoyangensis_
_Changchengornis hengdaoziensis_ and sp.
_Confuciusornis sanctus_ (4 specimens) & sp. (2
_Iberomesornis romerali_ [is that "romeralii"? I keep
seeing both]
_Sinornis santensis_
_Vescornis hebeiensis_ (-> "Hebeiornis"?)

and sundry modern birds.


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