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Frustrated Request

Does anyone have the paper:

Parks, W.A. 1928.  Albertosaurus arctunguis, a new species of theropodous 
dinosaur from the Edmonton Formation of
Alberta.  University of Toronto Studies, Geological Series 25

I have a photocopy of most of the paper (that I did several years ago), but 
managed to copy it in such a hurry that I
missed out on turning the pages properly.  I am missing pages 14 and 15, as 
well as 24 and 25.  I noticed this as soon
as I got home from my trip to the U of T library and decided to get the pages 
later.  They have since lost (had stolen?)
the volume with this paper in it.  I have been unsuccessful in later attempts 
to get the paper.  It is two pages of
copying, I am sure, but it is irritating to be missing them.  I must have been 
in a hurry that day, because I did it to
two other papers as well (the Baryonyx paper - pages 52 and 53 and the original 
Lambe description of Dryptosaurus
incrassatus - pages 22 and 23), but these are still at the library, I hope.  If 
anyone has the paper and could send
those 4 pages, I would be much obliged.  Thank you.

Darryl Jones  <dinoguy@sympatico.ca>

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