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Re: What do you hate about dino-docs?

I agree with all of the  points you make, David. I'm afraid I don't watch 
them much anymore. They seem  all the same. I think it would help if they hired 
artists who were actually  knowledgeable about the animals rather than having 
on-the-job training. Phil  Tippett's "Prehistoric Beast" and Hall Train's films 
reflect their years of  interest in the subject. Their work showed a great 
deal of subtlety also. The  lighting and sound and were given much more thought 
than what you see now.  That's why they all look alike these days. 
And I'm not  putting down cgi here because my examples are stop motion. 
Computer graphics has  turned out to have idiosyncrasies just as stop motion 
Cgi tends to have  "greasy movement" rather than stop motion's famous 
"jerkiness". It has great  potential, of course. It just seems to me that these 
are copying each  other and not taking chances available to them. 
I would  love to see one of these production companies put a bona fide paleo 
artist in  charge of visuals. Someone like Doug Henderson or Mark Hallett or, 
hell, David  Krentz would be perfect! Mauricio Anton is making his own films 
and they look  terrific. DV  

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