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Where to find Paleontological journals/scientific writings

Hello All!

So yesterday was a slow day as far as the DML is concerned. I didn't get one 
email about dinos...imagine my distress. So, in order to never have to live 
through the anguish of today again, I've decided to ask a question.

My question regards paleontological journals and writings. In particular I was 
was wondering how and where could find scholarly journals pertaining to 
paleontological finds as a College Student at Purdue University-West Lafayette.

I assume that the answer is going to be go to the college of science's library, 
but just in case, I would like to know.

Additionally, I was wondering if there were any papers I should look for in 
particular (writings that are as important to paleontology as Principia 
Mathematica is to Mathematics). Also, any recommendations on good reads for a 
student wishing to enter vertebrate paleontology would also be graciously 

Thanks you for your time,

Matt Mabry
Undergraduate Student
Purdue University