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Re: Where to find Paleontological journals/scientific writings

>Also, any recommendations on good reads for a 
student wishing to enter vertebrate paleontology would also be graciously 


I kinda like the compendium:

  The Dinosaur Papers 1676-1906 edited by David B. Weishampel and Nadine M. 
White Smithsonian Books Washington D.C. 2003

journal articles and book excepts by authors Robert Plot, Baron Georges Cuvier, 
H.T.De La Beche, Rev. W.D. Conybeare, Rev. William Buckland, Gideon Algernon 
Mantell, Friedrich Hall, Hermann von Meyer, Prof. Edward Hitchcock, Richard 
Owen, B.Waterhouse Hawkins, Thomas Henry Huxley, H.Falconer, Joseph Leidy, 
William Parker Foulke, Abbà Pouech, Mr.d'Archiac, Dr.Andreas Wagner, Professor 
Edward Drinker Cope, Philippe Matheron, M.P.Gervais, Prof. H.G.Seeley, Mr. 
L.Dollo, Prof. O.C.Marsh!, and Professor Henry F.Osborn

One H-ll of a line-up. 


Michael Patrick Corriss 
Miami Beach