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Re: What do you hate about dino-docs?

This brings to mind something David Norman said in 1990 about how there's a possibility that in the future, people designing dinosaur reconstructions made for entertainment (he was referencing the animatronic dinosaurs that had started appearing then) might start ignoring the science behind dinosaurs and simply create the cool image that people want to see. Now that it's been 17 years since he said that, I wonder if that's what's been occurring.

Take dromaeosaurs as the most blatant example. Not much in the way of feathers, as some have pointed out, despite massive amounts of evidence to the contrary. Plus, there has been very little effort to discredit Jurassic Park misconceptions about dromaeosaurs by the latest CGI documentaries.

Also noticeable is the lack of anything involving Dilophosaurus (unless I'm mistaken, as I haven't seen "When Dinosaurs Roamed America" and others). It's almost as if the producers know Jurassic Park got it wrong, but don't want to "de-awesomize" the dino's image. Even when it does appear in things like animatronic exhibits, it's still given a set of "venom glands" and spits water at the visitors.

With this in mind, I'm starting to think Norman's concern was definitely worth considering.