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Re: What do you hate about dino-docs?

All too true. What about the teeth in the Pteranodon?! Who's idea was that?

But, when it comes down to it. Jurassic Park did more to popularize dinosaurs than any other previous attempt
before it and until something huge like that happens again people will always relate what they see to the first "living
dinosaur" they ever saw - which were the Jurassic Park dinosaurs.

- Chris

Jamie Stearns wrote:
Chris Harris wrote:
I consider the raptors in JP a cool movie monster rather >than an actual dino.
The fact that these "movie monsters" were perceived as scientifically accurate dinosaurs by the general public sounds like exactly what David Norman was trying to warn us about 17 years ago. The image of dromaeosaurs as creatures out of a horror film certainly sounds like his description of the "forget science, just create a cool image" mentality to me, especially when you consider how things like the "voice chamber" were just made up for JP3.

Again, we know the difference between Hollywood and reality, but the problem is that the general public still considers dromaeosaurs to be the JP monsters rather than what they really were.